Design of corporate identity

Corporate identity is a crucial factor to create and maintain an individual image of the company. It can be also called: corporate style, brand identity, firm identity.

These are the elements which mark out your business over other companies on the market. Corporate identity helps to identify the product consisting of the distinctive elements (goods, content, and means of communication) of a certain company and distinguish it from the competitors.

Pros of having a corporate style

Corporate style is a basis for all forms of communication with society. It will provide the unity of visual and informative elements of your goods and services as well as any information concerning your business.

Main goals of the corporate identity are as follows: to attract new customers to a brand through the original presentation, to increase brand awareness and to extend target audience (prospective customers). High-quality corporate identity will help the company to enhance its image and increase profits per sale.

Corporate identity is a tool of the company to create and develop its brand as well as a key element for branding.

Corporate style will make your products unique, striking and different from other companies’ goods. It will also improve competitive advantages and facilitate the promotion through advertising tools. Brand identity is useful in counterfeit protection as well.

Corporate style employs a range of graphic, emotional, sound, etc. means of influence on the target audience. Besides, they are of different nature and objectives, e.g. to inform, amuse, surprise, and interest.

It has become even more topical in the age of the Internet and high technology. The net requires constant communication with customers and a decent image. Elements of the corporate style are used in mailouts, advertising banners, and social media profiles.

Components of a corporate style

Elements of a corporate style include the unity of a trademark, logo, brand colours and fonts, and a lot of other expressive means used in any form of company’s communication.

The most widespread elements of corporate identity are as follows:

  • Unique trademark
  • Logo
  • Block of brand elements (traditional combination of expressive means associated with your company)
  • Slogan
  • Set of brand colours
  • Company official (a person who represents the business)

The main element of the corporate style is a special trademark i.e. registered trade name. It can be expressed in many ways, e.g. verbal, sound, three-dimensional form or a combination thereof. It allows identifying company’s goods, services, and property.

It a trademark that helps to protect goods and services from illegal copying and use as it is legally valid.

Logo is a special visual image which reflects a company’s name or its activities in a brief graphic form. A company may also create logos for separate products. Logo is the most popular type of trademarks used in 80% of cases.

Firm block combines a company’s name, logo, trademark, and post and bank account details. Moreover, it includes the list of goods and services and other elements. Its design and content differ considerably depending on the goal. It is used to design letterheads and packaging as well as for emails and mailouts on the Internet. 

A range of attributes extends when it comes to the offline use of the identity tools. Models for outdoor advertising (banners, billboards, flags, lightboxes, etc.) and souvenir products (stationery, textiles, business accessories) take a special place.

Rules for the use of the corporate identity elements

Identity is an entire system of elements. Therefore, there is a set of rules and regulations governing the presentation and use of corporate identity elements.

 The main restrictions:

  • To change the size of trademarks and logos
  • To use additional elements
  • To change the hues of corporate colours
  • To change the distance between elements forming a firm block
  • To distort the logo or trademark by blurring or shadowing.

 The identity guide contains a description of the correct use of the corporate identity and examples of image attributes. This is a separate booklet describing the elements of the corporate identity and rules of use of its individual elements in different situations.

The astwellsoft specialists will develop your unique design combining graphic, visual and information means. Thus, you will present yourself from the best side in the market and stand out among the other companies.

 We will help you to develop the following elements of the corporate identity:

  • Logo or trademark design;
  • Corporate colours and brand fonts;
  • Design of business cards, letterheads and other corporate printed products;
  • Electronic and fax models
  • Company booklets, notebooks, and folders;

 Our company also offers to create a beautiful and stylish website, which will expand the target audience and brand popularity.


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